The Dual Leica Lens On Huawei P9 !

HUAWEI P 9 SMARTPHONE  | Leica Lens is already known around the world , The Quality of the Picture taken by the camera is amazing . It be used by photographer around the world . Now, with the tecnology, they had join with third largest smart phone in the world, Huawei to come up with their expertise in mobile form . Let me Introduce Huawei P9 smartphone !


Huawei P9 not just come with one camera, but it come with 2 cameras . One camera functian as to take picture in monochorme picture which is black and white .There 6 Reasons To Ditch Your DSLR Camera Because This Smartphone Can Do EVERYTHING - Read More 

Before this, i thought that i wanted to buy a dslr camera which become the wishlist among the teenager whose like to take photgraph.But with Huawei P9, you should not worried about DSLR anymore because it come with camera functioning like DSLR Style Photography . It such nice think to us which it make easier to carry compare to we bring along Dslr camera with us.

Huawei P9 smartphone

Huawei P9 smartphone

Huawei P9 smartphone

Picture taken by Huawei P9 . Pictur from . So, if you want to know about Huawei P9 Smart Phone camera , you can read here . Lets move on to Huawei P9 Smart Phone ! Grab it before too late ! be the first !

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