13 Ghost Stories Told By Malaysians Will Keep You Awake All Night !

13 Ghost Stories Told By Malaysians Will Keep You Awake All Night ! | Ghost story is among the famous stories that had been told to us since we in School age. Pontianak,Pocong,Hantu Cina and others shows that Malaysia have variety stories about ghost due to multi racial society in Malaysia.haha it sound funny but, every races in Malaysia have thier Hantu or Ghost Story .

Some of us afraid the ghost and easily being teased by their friend when they live alone in their house . Usually, Ghost appear after midnight ( 12 a/m) which had been told by our olds folks and our parent. We are also advised to not go out late until midnight becouse it might bad thing will happen to you if you do so .
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These 13 Ghost Stories Told by Malaysians Will Keep You Awake All Night ! I would like to share 1 story from this blog post to all of you . Read More .This story been told by siti ,she said that these happen to her when she going back to her hometown.

"Once, my grandmother and I were chatting with each other in the hall on the first floor when we heard some banging noises from upstairs. We were the only ones in the house at the time. My grandmother told me to ignore it and to just pretend like we never heard anything. I was a bit creeped out but listened to her. The banging sounds got louder and out of nowhere an umbrella came flying down from the second floor and almost stabbed my grandmother in the neck!"

- Siti 

Hopefully that this story not happen to us. hahaha we might run away from that house. For more stories, you can click this link .

Thank you .

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