Live Streaming MBC Entertainment Awards 2020.This year MBC Entertainment Awards will be held on 29 December at MBC Public Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. This year ceremony will be attended by many popular entertainer and comedian , there are also many performance that will show in this ceremony. Let's watch Live Streaming MBC Entertainment Awards 2020 below.

Live Streaming MBC Entertainment Awards 2020

Live Streaming MBC Entertainment Awards 2020

The hosts for this awards ceremony are Ahn Bo Hyun , Jang Do Yeon and Jun Hyun Moo , this year mark 3 years Jun Hyun Moo has been chosen as MC.

Jang Do Yeon who win awards as "Best Entertainer" and Ahn Bo Hyun who do well on show " I Live Alone" will do the mc together with Jun Hyun Moo.

Like other ceremony show , the most anticipated awards are Grand Prizes and Program Of The Year , make sure to watch until the end to know the winner.


- 29 DECEMBER 2020

-8 :45 PM KST


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The grand prizes for this year prediction expected to Yoo Jae Suk who do really well with his shows and many fans look forward for him to take this awards.

Nominees for program of the year are : 트로트의 민족 (Literal translation: The People of Trot)/ Where Is My Home / I Live Alone / How Do You Play / Radio Star / The Paikfather / King of Masked Singer / 안싸우면 다행이야 (Literal translation: I'm Glad We Don't Fight) / Those Who Cross the Line / Omniscient Interfering View

This nominees for this category already fierce , for sure the best show for this year will win this awards.

Good luck to all nominees and enjoy the show guys !

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